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Located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock is an ideal location for your fall mountain celebration and one of the most picturesque places for creating amazing wedding images. Colorful, changing leaves make for a dramatic backdrop. With the Blue Ridge Parkway nearby, there are countless options for great photos!

We had a great time with Breanna and Keith on their wedding day and loved creating this fun image of Breanna running to board the trolley with her bridesmaids and Keith cheering her on.

After their ceremony at Boone United Methodist Church, we travelled by Trolley to the Moses Cone Estate on the Blue Ridge Parkway for some wedding party images and wedding portraits. We continued the evening at the Blowing Rock Country Club, enjoying a spirited reception.

About Blowing Rock

Visitors to Blowing Rock usually have some of the same questions…

How is the weather so DIFFERENT from the surrounding communities off the mountain?
Blowing Rock is in the heart of the High Country and is in what’s called a micro-climate. With the elevation over 3500’ and the winds primarily out of the Northwest, the weather pattern most closely resembles coastal New England. Spring arrives late, summer is very moderate, fall is crisp and clear. We seen snow into late April and as early as the beginning of October.

Why is it called Blowing Rock?
Here’s a great love story! It is said that long ago, a Chickasaw Chieftain brought his beautiful daughter to the area to be cared for by an elderly squaw. One fateful day, the young woman was enjoying the sunshine on the cliff when she spied a Cherokee brave down below. She shot an arrow at him to get his attention and it worked because he soon came to “court” her. They fell madly in love with one another.
But the brave felt torn between staying with his love and returning to his duty with his tribe. She begged him not to go. He was so torn by the decision before him that he leapt from the cliff into the trees below. The maiden was beside herself with grief. She prayed to the Great Spirit to return her lover to her. One day, her prayer was answered when a great wind blew him back to her embrace.
From that day, the wind blows up from the valley. The gorge below the Blowing Rock forms a channel that funnels the wind up the cliff with enough force that it’s said you can throw light objects off Blowing Rock and they’ll be blown back to you. In the winter, you can even see the snow blow up instead of fall down!

How did Blowing Rock become a town?
Originally, the Blowing Rock area was home to Native Americans. In the 1700’s, hearty Scots-Irish settlers arrived. In the mid 1800’s during the American Civil War, there was terrible fighting between the pro-Confederate and pro-Union soldiers in the High Country. Men leaving to fight in the war often sent their families to Blowing Rock for safety and when they returned from the war, they stayed with their families in their new homes.
About that same time, Blowing Rock became known as a place to escape from the oppressive summer heat and boarding houses were opened to accommodate the new tourists. The cool mountain breeze and magnificent views made it a sought-after spot for well-to-do summer residents. Word travelled throughout the South, and soon, Blowing Rock was building roads, fences to contain wandering livestock, hotels, and restaurants.
Today, Blowing Rock is a thriving town and a popular destination for weddings. Your wedding guests will enjoy fine dining, comfortable lodging, and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding.