Blowing Rock Portrait of Brothers in a Field

Blowing Rock Portrait of Brothers in a Field

Brothers in Blowing Rock

The area surrounding the town of Blowing Rock offers numerous fantastic opportunities for creating gorgeous portraits. The field where we created the portrait of these two young brothers is near the well-known Tanawha Trail. Starting at Julian Price Park and ending 13.5 miles away at Beacon Heights, the trail parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway and is also part of the Mountains to Sea Trail. The Tanawha Trail was completed in 1993 and it's not surprising that Tanawha is the Cherokee word for fabulous hawk or eagle because there are many fabulous long-range views to be enjoyed on this trail.

The area of Blowing Rock offers photographers a rich backdrop of spectacular mountain views, thickets of laurel and rhododendron, hardwood groves and evergreen mountainsides. Peaceful fields of grasses and wild-flowers provide a delightful sun-drenched break from the shady forests. Cascading streams and waterfalls add to the beauty of the rich landscape.

The higher elevation of Blowing Rock (3500-3600') provides moderate summer temperatures that make pleasant conditions for creating portraits. The temperatures are often 10-15 degrees cooler than surrounding communities "off" the mountain and the air is fresh and clear. Blowing Rock is part of a micro-climate that closely mimics coastal New England.

Beginning in the mid-18th century, Scots-Irish pioneers arrived and settled what would eventually become the town of Blowing Rock. As word spread about the beauty of the land coupled with cool summer temperatures, visitors arrived from all of the South. Eventually, boarding houses, hotels and spas were built to serve the needs of the tourists as it became a popular summer destination. Today, Blowing Rock boasts top-quality restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and other attractions. 

Location: Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, NC.