Child Portrait Blowing Rock

Child Portrait Blowing Rock

Run Free!

We met this sweet little boy in Price Park off the Blue Ridge Parkway for a family portrait session. He was so full of life and mischief and just wanted to RUN! So that's what he did and we tried our best to keep up with him. The grass was nearly over his head in some places and he could have gotten lost in it except we could hear him laughing and see the grass moving in his wake.

We love creating these kinds of illustrative portraits that are so full of life and emotion. It's not always about sitting still to have your portrait made. Some of our favorite portraits are like this one - kids doing what they love best while we capture the moment in a more photojournalistic style. 

Julian Price Park is a popular stopping off place to rest, picnic, hike and canoe, and camp. The park is made up of over 4,000 acres of recreational land that were donated to the Blue Ridge Parkway by Julian Price. Mr. Price was an insurance executive who used the land in the 1930s and 1940s as an employee retreat. One of our favorite trails begins at Price Park - the Boone Fork Trail. We've spent many happy afternoons in Price Park. 

Location: Blowing Rock, NC.