Blowing Rock Family Portrait Photographer

Blowing Rock Family Portrait Photographer

The Worst Weather is Sometimes the BEST Portrait Weather

This multi-generational, relaxed family portrait receives a lot of attention and we’re asked about it often. We love to tell the story of how this family portrait was created… The Jones family traveled from far and wide to the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock for their portrait session. We met them at one of our favorite overlooks, Thunder Hill.

When we introduced ourselves at our location, the fog was so thick you couldn’t see very far and you definitely couldn’t see the mountains! There was a steady rain coming down. Someone asked, “Is this the spot for our portraits???”. We assured them that summer weather often blows through in a short amount of time and we would wait about 15 minutes for conditions to improve. Luck was with us! We all made the short hike to the top of Thunder Hill and we took along two stools for the little bull dogs who would have been lost in the tall grass. We love the spontaneity of this fun portrait. Everyone had such a great time. Family portraits don’t need to be boring and stuffy. We like them best when they are just the opposite.

If you are hoping for this kind of scenery with the clouds pushed down into the ridges, hope for terrible weather right before your portrait session is to begin! Sometimes the worst weather makes for the best portraits.

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Location: Blowing Rock, NC.