Multi-Generation Family Portrait, Windermere, FL

Multi-Generation Family Portrait, Windermere, FL

Gathering together thirty-two family members for this multi-generation portrait was an amazing feat! Careful planning and detailed instructions insured that all of the portrait subjects were wearing coordinated solids and semi-solids to achieve a wonderful coherence and harmony.

The soft, consistent lighting which flattered all of the family members was provided by the shade of the house. Time-of-day for creating portraits is so important! No harsh shadows here!

And lastly, when creating a portrait with so many people, arranging everyone is the ultimate challenge. This is where years of experience really pays off. Our studio has produced family portraits for almost three decades and we are comfortable working with groups of any size.

Celebrating the love and connection a family shares through portraiture brings us joy. Printed with archival inks on artist grade canvas, it will look gorgeous hanging in their home and will be treasured by generations.

We are available for travel for your next, important family portrait. 

Location: Windermere, FL.