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B.Tweenz Portrait Gallery

B.Tweenz, a division of Burton Photography, offers an experience specifically designed for tweens (ages 9-12) that will help them boost their confidence, establish positive friendships, learn photography skills, exercise creativity, build leadership skills, and develop empathy for others. B.Tweenz mission is accomplished through these three activities:

Photo Academy - Portrait Experience - Community Outreach

B.Tweenz brings together a Portrait Experience, Photo Academy and Community Outreach to provide High Country Tweens with a unique and empowering adventure...

B.Tweenz provides a portrait experience specifically designed for tweens that helps affirm who they are as unique and valued individuals, inspiring confidence and positivity.

B.Tweenz Portraits let tweens shine in their unique, quirky, smart, funny, athletic, serious, zany, quiet, amazing, bubbly, daring, artistic, modish way.

B.Tweenz participants will have the opportunity to experience an individual portrait session as well as small group portrait adventures in fabulous and fun locations.

B.Tweenz offers an educational and creative environment for establishing positive peer-to-peer relationships. Tweens will develop artistic and technical photographic skills while working with other like-minded tweens in a fun and relaxed setting.

B.Tweenz Photo Academy meets regularly with an additional online classroom resource for lesson review, continued instructor feedback, and student contribution and collaboration.

B.Tweenz Photo Academy will offer photographic competitions to motivate and reward the efforts of the Photo Academy members.

Engaging in community service helps tweens acquire a broader vision of their world and empathy for others. Through community involvement, B.Tweens will discover hidden talents and develop their leadership skills.

By helping others, tweens will experience joy and gain a deeper understanding that everyone counts!

Could YOUR Tween benefit from an experience like B.Tweens? We'd love answer your questions and provide additional information. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!