Studio Portrait Boone Girl With Antique Book
Studio Portrait Child with Stetson
Studio Portraits Boone Children
Studio Portrait Boone Girl With Dried Flower
Boone Studio Portrait Children
Studio Portrait Boone Girl with Antique Bible
Studio Portrait Boone Children
Boone Studio Portrait Girl with Heirloom Pocket Watch
Boone Portrait Photographer - Studio Portrait of Girl
Boone Studio Portrait Girl with Dogwood Flower
Studio Portrait Boone Girl with Heirloom Bible
Studio Portrait Boone Girl With Dandelion
Boone Studio Portrait Girl with Grandmother's Bible
Studio Portrait Girl with Green Coat
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Studio Passage

Studio Portraits - Boone, Blowing Rock, Winston-Salem

Absolutely nothing flies by as fast as time itself when your children are growing up. These contemplative studio portraits are specially crafted for children ages 5-16. Passage Portraits connect your child to the passing of time and for a moment, holds it still.

We find that once a child starts school we don't photograph them as often as we'd like. Often, we hear their parents say things such as "she is so snaggle-toothed right now" or "we're waiting till he gets out of his braces".

That's part of the beauty of Passage Portraits. We're looking for a softer, more thoughtful look and we're avoiding those big "cheesy" smiles.

There are some very special stories connected with the Passage Portraits in this gallery...a family bible more than a century old, clothing and jewelry belonging to loved ones, a pocket watch belonging to great-great-grandpa, and beautifully selected elements from nature.

Passage portraits require significant post-processing time to achieve the unique vintage/modern feel. We will present a carefully curated selection of proofs for you to choose from at your ordering appointment.

Passage Portrait Sessions include a finished wall portrait.

Every being moves through the change of seasons and the passing of time, and at times, it seems the journey moves at a lightning pace. In single second, we are in the now, looking back at the past and forward to the future, always remembering time moves in only one direction and it never, ever, stands still.

Hours fly, flowers die. New days, new ways, pass by. Love stays.

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