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Greece 2022

Greece 2022 - Epic Fun and Amazing Portraits

Are you curious about how the trip came to be and what we loved most? See the text below the video for more details. Enjoy!

Last February, we got a call from Megan DiPiero that set in motion the trip of a lifetime! Megan explained that she would be vacationing on the isle of Rhodes, Greece, with her extended family in September. She wanted to have portraits created while they were there and so she asked if we'd agree to accept the assignment.

Of course!!! We immediately began preparations. The first step was asking my twin sister and her husband, Andrew, to come along for the fun...and the WORK. They were our assistants and their help was priceless.

We stayed in a lovely villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea near the seaside village of Lindos. Our days were spent sightseeing and enjoying the amazing Greek cuisine. There are ancient ruins to be explored from the Acropolis of Lindos, an ancient structure that dates back to the 10th century BC to the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes - the oldest inhabited medieval city in Europe. It's a bustling neighborhood of some 6000 people, who live and work in the same buildings in which the Knights of St. John dwelt, six centuries ago.

We took an afternoon/evening to create portraits of Megan's extended family. The challenges were the relentless sun, the ever-present wind, and the sun setting right into our desired background. We were certainly glad for Laura and Andrew's help! Megan's family was lovely to work with and we enjoyed getting to know them.

The next evening, we took Megan's immediate family - Aric and kids - plus Megan's sister, out for more of a scenic portrait session. While touring through the Acropolis of Lindos earlier in the week, we spotted a magnificent hillside across the water overlooking Lindos. It was certainly picturesque although the terrain proved to be treacherous with vicious thorns and razor-sharp rocks everywhere. The wind was blowing at a steady 20-25 mph.

Megan's family was up for the challenge and we absolutely love the portraits we were able to create for them (on both nights). We weren't done with portraits, yet! On our last evening in Greece, we went out for our own portrait session. The wind, thorns, and sharp rocks underfoot kept us vigilant but we love the portraits. It was well worth the effort.