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The Portrait Process

The Portrait Process from Start to Finish

Step ONE - Begin with the Happy Ending

Having new portraits made will be SO EXCITING but what are you going to do with them? Before we even begin the process of creating portraits for you, we’ll make a plan for what kind of portraits interest you the most…Album? Wall art? Portrait box? Art Prints? Canvas? Metal?

Can you imagine an heirloom quality album on your coffee table where you’ll find yourself flipping through the pages time and again? Perhaps you have a place above your fireplace mantle perfect for a canvas portrait of your family where you’ll see it every day. We’ll help you refine the vision for how your portraits will become a part of your home and your heart.

It’s ok if you don’t know EXACTLY what you want at this stage. That's what we are here for.

Step TWO - Complimentary Consultation

This is our opportunity to answer all of your questions about our services as well as provide information (including pricing) about the portrait products our studio offers.

If you decide we’re the right photographers for you, we’ll set a date for your session and begin the planning process. We’ll ask about the people in the portraits – what are their personality traits? Likes? Dislikes? Is there a dog or two or three who are important family members? Let’s include them, too.

We’ll give you our expert advice concerning clothing and discuss options for the best location for your session. We’ll tailor your session so that we’ll meet your goals and create the portraits that will mean the most to you.

Step THREE - Portrait Session

You can relax – we’ve got this! With almost 40 years of combined experience working with all ages of people, we know how to wrangle the most rambunctious child and coax a smile from the most reserved member of your family. We want their true personality to shine through.

We’ll create thoughtful, smiling portraits with everyone looking at the camera as well as those more spontaneous, storytelling portraits. If the setting is right, we’ll also create portraits that are more pictorial where the scenery becomes more prominent.

We’ll keep the session relaxed and enjoyable. The comment we hear most at the end of a portrait session is something like “That was so much fun – even more fun than I expected!”

Step FOUR - View and Order Appointment

All decisions makers should be present at your ordering appointment. We’ll help you go through your proofs and narrow down your favorites. The most fun begins when we help you plan how you’ll display your new portraits.

Is there a place in your home that you’re considering hanging wall art? If so, please take a picture of that space including furniture for reference. Tape a piece of copy paper (8.5x11”) to the wall so we have an accurate idea of the space. We will be able to make a mock-up of how your portraits will actually look on your walls.

It’s helpful to think through and make a list of any gift prints you’ll be purchasing for relatives (grandparents, etc.).

You will receive a companion digital file for all purchased portraits. They are lightly watermarked and are not intended for print.

Our studio is located at 166 Chapel Hills Rd. Boone, NC. The entrance is in back – please pull to the bottom of the drive.

Step FIVE –Completed Order

This is the last step in our process but only the beginning of enjoying your portraits for years and years to come. Table top prints are usually ready within 2 weeks. Custom work, wall art, albums, etc. take more time and are usually ready within 6-10 weeks depending on our current workload.

All of the materials we use to create your portrait products are highly archival and with proper care, will last long past your lifetime. We believe in the power of printed portraits.