Newborn to First Birthday

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Treasured today. Priceless tomorrow.

Winston-Salem Newborn Portrait with Mom and Dad

Your baby's first year will go by in a flash. From counting their tiny fingers and toes to cheering for them as they learn to walk, it all happens so fast. Working as a team, Jonathan and Bonnie will create the portraits that will help you remember your child as a precious newborn, a smiley baby and their entry to toddler-land. We'll combine your favorite images from your sessions to design a gorgeous leather-bound, first-year album.

First Year plan includes:

Three 60-90 minute portrait sessions - newborn, 6-8 months, 11-14 months.

Custom designed, leather bound album containing about twenty of your favorite images combined from your three sessions.

20-40 proofs (from each session) to choose from at your complimentary ordering appointment - normally ready 10-14 days after the session.

4x6" spiral bound proof book with lightly watermarked proofs from each session.

Custom Album APP for your mobile device with a select number of your favorite, lightly watermarked images for sharing on social media. You'll receive an Album APP from each session.

Discount of 10% off any studio product purchased at your ordering appointment.

Burton Photography is a full service photography studio and offers a variety of professionally created products from your session images. Wall portraits begin at $210, table top prints begin at $30, Fine Art Albums, Portrait Boxes, Custom cards are all popular products!

Find more information about studio products: Click HERE

You'll pay $300 for each session and that will include the cost of your beautiful album ($900 total) - add NC sales tax.


Whenever anyone asks about digital files, we try to imagine the reasons they want them…whether it’s for social media, archiving, making prints at a later date, etc.

When you consider the options for archiving images, the time-tested, proven form is a professional quality print – whether it’s a Photographic Print, Fine Art Print, Canvas or Metal Portrait. Professional quality papers, canvases and archival one hundred year inks insure that with proper care, your images will still be beautiful generations from now.

We keep a copy of all the images we create so you can always come back to us in the future for additional prints, canvases, etc.

The Album APP you'll receive after viewing your proofs will give you an easy way to share images on social media. The images are lightly watermarked and are not intended for print.

If your purchase is $1200+ we will provide complimentary digital copies of any images that you purchase upon request (printable up to 8x10”).

You may also choose a digital session that includes the session, preparation, and delivery of your full resolution digital files. The fee for the digital session is $1500.

Questions? Ready to schedule your session? We're happy to help.